08 September 2005

Michael Moore is a big fat idiot

Maybe I'm being a bit harsh on old Mikey, who is apparently thinking of making the events surrounding Katrina into a movie. Not being a politician has allowed Mr. Moore to be a little more blunt than your typical Democrat (wasn't this guy independent at one point?) when it comes to politicizing Katrina, even though Hillary seems to be giving him a run for his money. You see, the debacle of a response by the feds isn't due to the fact that once again government has proven itself to be ineffective, but is really just another blunder by the Bush administration. So a challenge to all the Democrats out there - tell me how things would have been different with Kerry as president. We'd still have a useless Department of Homeland Security, and FEMA would still be headed by an incompetent crony friend of some politician. Just like in the doomsday scenario the Democrats predicted would happen if Bush got re-elected, the public is being spun. When in fact we all know nothing changes when the presidency changes hands between the Republicrats. And it never will.


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