05 September 2005

Happy Capital Day

Most governments in the west set aside a special holiday dedicated to labor, that wonderful "class" whose interests would be imposed on us all in some sort of Socialist Utopia. So on this holiday, sit back and think of how great your life would be had labor groups succeeded in fulfilling their vision. Just imagine that queue you would face at the supermarket for the goods the socialists actually got around to producing (of course you couldn't shop until tomorrow, as it would be illegal to work today). Think of how low the quality of life in the west would be as incentives to innovate would be destroyed, buried under piles of labor legislation. Attempting to do anything yourself would be outlawed by the state, as free will and liberty would have to be curtailed in order to keep people in line with the official goals of the "people." As bad our statist situation is, just be thankful as things could be a lot worse.

Another wonderful oil and gas story. I would love to see the questions these pollsters actually asked, but I can't locate the actual poll yet. I wonder if 49% of Canadians would agree with this statement:

Oil and gas resources should be nationalized, creating another bureaucratic mess that is unable to respond to consumer needs in times of crisis, wasting millions (or even billions) of taxpayer dollars through favors handed out to political friends, and, with the removal of the profit motive driving behavior under private control, creating market inefficiencies that would ensure that prices are higher than they would be were these industries to remain under private ownership.


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